How To Fix an Overheating Car Engine

Overheating Car Engine

 How To Fix an Overheating Car Engine :


While there is probably many troubles which could result in an overheating engine, you may preserve it from getting overwhelming in case you KISS the trouble. It’s what each mechanic teacher teaches, preserve it easy stupid. It’s the mechanic’s model of Occam’s Razor.

Start with the most effective and maximum probably troubles earlier than you leap down the rabbit hollow and begin tearing matters apart. When troubleshooting an overheating engine, the most effective aspect to test is your fluid levels.


1. Check Fluid Levels

Check the oil and the coolant, and if both fluid is low you’ve located a important clue. While you may usually pinnacle of the fluid and spot if the trouble is going away, preserve in thoughts that each structures are sealed, so if fluids are disappearing, you’ve got got a trouble you want to appearance into.

2. Pressurize the device

When the engine has absolutely cooled off, get a radiator cap tester and placed it on pinnacle of your radiator. This nifty tool will permit you to pressurize your whole device, if you want to test some one of a kind troubles for you.
If you don’t personal one, don’t worry, maximum component shops like AutoZone will permit you to lease one for free. First, it’s going to make it abundantly apparent when you have a leak – whether or not inner or external.
Your device need to preserve pressure. If it doesn’t, you’ve got got a leak somewhere. The subsequent step is to test the thermostat. You can test this through checking the decrease radiator hose’s temperature (or higher if that’s the output of the thermostat).
If it’s far nonetheless bloodless while the auto begins offevolved to overheat, you possibly have an difficulty with the thermostat. Remember that when you have a damaged electric powered thermostat, you may generally have a test engine light – however that’s now no longer usually the case. If your thermostat tests out, test your fan. Pop the hood and run your engine. At a few point, the fan need to kick on.
If it doesn’t, you both have an electrical trouble with the fan or a busted fan. Finally, you want to make certain which you have coolant waft on your engine which calls for a few skills, and also you need to possibly seek advice from a mechanic to make a deeper prognosis of your coolant device.

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